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Survey Says: Bailey's Customer Service Reps are Top-Shelf!

by dotcompost 14. October 2010 17:39

Bailey's Customer Service Representative Doug Coughlin

I don't like to take up this space with self-congratulatory banter, but when this testimonial came in from a customer satisfaction survey, I really felt like I needed to share it. The truth is that our representatives get these kind of comments and feedback quite often, but it's not always in writing. We always appreciate hearing from our customers, so please let us know the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll always work hard to try to make things right. This firewood cutting "wood stover" is representative of many of us who work here at Bailey's and a growing portion of our best customers:

"I was referred to you folks by a logger friend of mine. I'm just a wood stover, but I cut a lot of poles to heat my home. I was brought up in a wood stoving house and most of my friends here in New England are wood stovers. Your associate (Doug xt228) was top-shelf in terms of courtesy, helpfulness and expertise. I am going to refer everyone I know that cuts, to contact Bailey's for saw needs because I am way impressed with all of the above. We may not be loggers, but things break and we need parts for our equipment with the best of them. I'm going to tell all of my friends and family about Doug and Bailey's. Thank you and good luck in these tough economic times!"

Among his many talents, Doug is also our resident Lucas Mill expert. Keep up the good work, Doug!

Good cutting,

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