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Building a Cabin in Alaska Wilderness with the Logosol M5 Chainsaw Mill: Day 20

by dotcompost 21. February 2013 23:41

Day 20

Cabin 6/13/11

Finally got back up to the cabin after break-up, everything looked good with the exception of a few visits from Mr. Black Bear. Bear got in and decided a couple of ventilation holes need to be added to the inside surface of the house wrap behind the siding. Only pocked 4 small holes in it that can easily be fixed with scrap pieces and tape, he also decided to take a taste from an edge of one of the clap siding boards but only a small taste. Siding looked good with no cracks from drying, even on the south wall. All of the vertical post have vertical splits in them but I figured they would check out as they dried like log houses do. Hauled the canoe up in my boat and left it at the lake for future use (a small canoe trip is needed from the main river to get to the cabin). Foundation still seems level, plan on bringing up the laser level next trip to check if there was any settling. Planning on hauling up windows and insulation when it gets in on the barge. Looking forward to milling lumber again for trimming out the windows. Will post more photos in the next couple of weeks. Maybe black bear sausage as well!

Approaching cabin in canoe from the south.

Cabin south wall.

View from cabin looking east.

Building a Cabin in Alaska Wilderness with the Logosol M5 Chainsaw Mill: Day 19

by dotcompost 14. February 2013 17:20

Day 19

Cabin 4/18/11

Got the metal on, getting things wrapped up and put away for break up. Will start working on it again in June when I can travel up by boat.

View from lake

Front of cabin

Another shot from the lake

View from main snogo trail

9 year old son Koby heading home on his Bravo 

Will post more pics in June, hoping the black bears don't tear things up too bad between now and then, they will probably have fun with the house wrap on the inside.

Be sure to check back next Thursday for Part 20!

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